Free Local Art-Making Events!

We do free local art events to benefit local restaurants, build community, and showcase local artists!


Artists Making Art

Artists Making Art provides opportunities for artists of all skills and interests to participate and collaborate, and have fun making art! We want individuals, groups, and local businesses to enjoy the benefits of our events!

Join us for a future Event!

Upcoming events are announced on on the Facebook page. We are creating a community of people who have a passion for making art and collaboration. Please contact us if you are interesting in joining, or if you have a creative vision or social event that you would like to make a reality! Sincerest thanks!

Art-Making Events

About Artists Making Art

Artists Making Art is about creating opportunities for adults to gather and make art collaboratively and playfully. The people who attend vary in their art-making skills and goals and is therefore more about community and experimentation. People of all kinds of backgrounds come, making these great opportunities to connect to the local community.

Team-building Events

Artists Making Art has started doing corporate team-building events. These events help us make the free events possible, and are great opportunities for businesses to develop teams that can collaborate, communicate, and think creatively together!

Seeking Hosts and Sponsors

Our ideal is to create opportunities for people to gather and make art together, and the ideal spaces for this are local businesses. If you are a local business interested in hosting or sponsoring a local event, please contact us! Hosts get the benefit of traffic and visibility for their business, as well as social media exposure. People who come to the art-making events are new customers buy food and drinks, and return to the business as they become comfortable in the space, especially if the events are reoccurring. Other customers are always very curious and are welcomed into the group to participate, creating a unique experience that will keep your customers coming back and telling their friends!

We are also seeking sponsors who are interested in advertising their businesses to art-participants. This can be done with donated art supplies, giving away coupons, samples, and products during the events, or in collaborative social media campaigns leading up to events.

Donated and sponsored art supplies at the events is also a great opportunity to build good will with participants.

Art Supplies Coming Soon!

Artists Making Art will be branding and selling art supplies soon to help support local free art community events!


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Art Event at Sencha Madison in Review

Art Event at Sencha Madison in Review

Art Event at Sencha Tea Bar in Madison -in Review Last night we had our weekly art event at Sencha Tea Bar on State Street in Madison. We had a lot of fun, collaborated on artwork, and made some new friends! It is really fun to run these events because one never knows...

Our First Art Event of 2016 at Sencha!

First Art Event of 2016 at Sencha! We just had our First Art Event of 2016 at Sencha Tea Bar! Although it was a small turnout, it was kind of the ideal number to get our new project in gear! Two regulars showed up, as well as a representative from The Freelancers...

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